The First Teaser

We started this project more than a year ago with no plan.

Showing up to the Black Box Comedy Festival, we had cameras and goals, but no strategy aside from the desire to capture the light in people’s eyes when they talked about Improv.That first night, we listened.We heard Improvisers discuss how their lives have changed. How Improv can make the world a better place. We heard about the city of Atlanta and the community aspects of Improv. We heard about the relationships made and the emotional links formed through Improv. That first night, we listened to the story of Improv as told by Improvisers, and we knew were being offered a direction.Months later, we’ve been honored to be able to record in the company of many of Atlanta’s finest Improvisers. We’ve talked with Improvisers young and old. New Improvisers and veteran Improvisers. Teenagers, middle-agers, and … people of a refined age. Some of the Improv theaters and collectives we’ve been honored to have worked with are listed here.

We hope to continue to collaborate with the Atlanta Improv Community to tell the global story of Improv as stemming from the Atlanta Improv Community.What we are sharing today, our first collection of footage to share with the public, is simply a small teaser. A small slice of the Light that we get when we ask Improvisers to tell us their story.There is so much more to our story. The history, the city, the spread. But we want to share this first teaser in the hopes to share with you the excitement that we see from Improvisers.We hope you enjoy it, and we hope to continue to grow along with you.